A Distribution Center and Zarcam’s Headquarters are located on Road 6, thus having quick access to Mercosur Road. Therefore, from these facilities it is possible to plan logistics strategic actions related to surrounding areas or international locations.


Ruta 12 Distribution Center and Headquarters

Ruta Provincial N° 6 KM 207,942 – Zárate, Buenos Aires Province.
Tel.: (03487) 576000 y rollover lines – Fax: (03487) 576020



Zárate Industrial Logistics Park Distribution Center

Parque Logístico Industrial Zárate, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


Two Distribution Centers are located in Pilar Industrial Park, reaching thirty five thousand (35,000) finished square meters. Different companies of various trades operate in this area, so we are strategically located to provide services that meet the needs of each business sector.


Zarcam Distribution Center Pilar 8

Calle 17, N° 164 between Calle 9 and Calle 5. Pilar Industrial Park, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Office telephone number: 0230-4496070



CD Zarcam Pilar 10

Calle del Gasoducto Nº 50 entre Calle 9 y Calle 55 Parque Industrial Pilar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Office telephone number: 0230-4496502/4496893


Located on Circunvalación Avenue, in Córdoba City, Zarcam’s Distribution Center is strategically located to easily get to different destinations and to offer quick and efficient operation.


Córdoba Zarcam Distribution Center

Av. Circunvalación Sur s/n between Canal Secundario Nro. 3 and Road to San Carlos, Córdoba City, Córdoba Province, Argentina.


We have special warehouses that meet the main requirements to build “Sustainable Warehouses”. The following factors have been taken into account to achieve this goal:

  • Containment System for possible liquid spills
  • Energy efficiency and conservation via the use of a LED lighting system and the installation of skylights in bigger number than the standard in the market.
  • Air quality kept by means of a ventilation system designed to allow the constant elimination of foul air.
  • Soil care via the construction of a floor provided with state-of-the-art plastic insulation.
  • Walls built using Retak bricks, which do not contain any toxic substances, and do not cause any hazard to people’s health or the environment.
  • Warehouses provided with explosion-proof electrical wiring and equipment.
  • Firefighting System, and Warehouses provided with sprinklers.
  • Smoke detection system
  • Lightning Rod System

CASAFE’s protocols included in the “Programa Depósito OK” were also taken into account. CASAFE is the Chamber of Agriculture Health and Fertilizers and for more than five years we have obtained the “Premium” category certification, which is the highest in the Program.


The Distribution Centers are approved and have been granted permits to handle several materials and supplies. The most important permits and approvals are:

  • Municipal approvals granted by Zárate, Pilar and Córdoba cities.
  • Approval granted by Córdoba Province Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (Law Number 164, and Regulatory Decree 132/05)
  • Approval granted by Buenos Aires Province Ministry of Agriculture Affairs, Vegetal Control Office, Agrochemical Law 10.699/88.
  • Approval for transporting dairy and apiarian products granted by SENASA.
  • Approval for transporting food for animals granted by SENASA.
  • Enrolled in SEDRONAR (Programming Secretariat for Drug Abuse Prevention and the Fight against Drug Trafficking). Law 26.045. Decree Number 1095/96.
  • Enrolled in OPDS (Province Office for Sustainable Development)

We operate approximately 60 fleet vehicles, 50% of which are Company owned. Own cargo vehicles are all MB and are in average 4 years old.

The following main characteristics stand out:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Efficient driving system
  • Air deflectors
  • Tire pressure electronic calibration system
  • Sleeper cab

Vehicles have permits to transport hazardous materials. They are enrolled in RUTA (Automotive Transport Registration Office) and in RENPRE (Chemical Precursors National Registration Office) which is managed by SEDRONAR

Vehicles are provided with:

  • Satellite Tracking Double System
  • Cell-phone communication
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Elements

Warehouse Management System

Zarcam S.A. has a system that administers and manages customers’ stock both efficiently and safely. The main services are:


  • Reception
  • Getting orders ready
  • Dispatch and transfer


  • Traceability by tariff item code.
  • Traceability by status.
  • Rotation as per FIFO-LIFO-FEFO.


  • Locations
  • Product families.


  • Record of services provided related to stock storage and handling.


  • Information available, possibility to export it to Office and PDF format.

Transport Management System

The system that administers and manages transport activity controls Company owned fleet vehicles and hired services. Among the main functions are:


  • Control of due dates.
  • Mechanical Maintenance Plan.
  • Control of tires.
  • Spare part storeroom.


  • Getting orders ready.
  • Organizing the travel.


  • From the moment the travel is generated to the moment it is billed and payment is collected; it also takes into account compliance stages (delivery to the customer) and submission of documentation.
  • Parameterized Travel Fee Plan


  • Information available, possibility to export it to Office and PDF format.

Fleet Vehicle Monitoring System

Zarcam S.A. uses HAWK service, which is based on GPS technology. It performs satellite tracking and monitoring of vehicles, and it is in touch with the units throughout the travel.

Information Security

Regarding data protection and recovery, Zarcam has in place policies and procedures that allow to safeguard all the information generated by the systems that support all its activities (customers, suppliers and employees) and the information generated by the employees when doing their job.

Information is protected by a daily backup procedure that covers the Headquarters and all the Distribution Centers. To secure such information, a backup copy is taken to a safe place outside the computing center.

Our YPF Gas station is located in Zárate on the corner of Gallesio Avenue and H.Yrigoyen Street.

The gas station offers the following services:

  • Convenience Store
  • ATM
  • Extra Cash
  • It is part of the YPF Serviclub Program
  • QR Payment System
  • Credit cards
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Parking lot


Also, this business unit provides the following services:

  • Fuel Distribution in bulk
  • Lube distribution
  • Temporary storage of fuel in Company owned thanks
  • Provision of tank chassis for internal transport in plants and facilities.


Such vehicles have the pertaining approval to carry hazardous materials and are provided with the logistic equipment for “downloading at height and distance downloading”.

YPF Gas Station YPF

Av. Gallesio 786, Zárate, Buenos Aires Province.
Office telephone number: 03487-431171