ISO 9001:2015

Zarcam was certified in the Quality Management System in 2005. It has kept the same certification up to date and it has got the latest certification version, ISO 9001:2015. It was granted by I.R.A.M (Argentina Standardization and Certification Institute). In line with our strategic plan, the company has implemented it in all its areas.



In December 2016, Zarcam got the “Programa Depósito OK” certificate granted by CASAFE (Chamber of Agriculture Health and Fertilizers). It got the Category “A” certificate for Córdoba facilities and the “Premium” Category for Zárate facilities. This certification verifies compliance with those standards and safety recommendations that guarantee storage conditions are safe for human beings and the environment, and that product’s quality is maintained.


CEDOL Certification

Zarcam managed to obtain in 2010 CEDOL’s Quality Seal, which has maintained since then. This certification is based on good Company practices for Logistics Operators. To obtain the certification it is necessary to pass an annual assessment carried out by the international auditing company KPMG. The CEDOL Seal is a guideline of ethical principles to be complied with, certified by a reliable assessment system based on the following 13 principles:


  1. Independence
  2. Free competition
  3. Sustainability
  4. Establishing Service Standards
  5. Commitment to quality and safety
  6. Outsourcing dignity
  7. Compliance with Labor and tax regulations
  8. Respect for human capital
  9. Risk coverage and liabilities
  10. Respect for the Environment
  11. Transparency
  12. Confidentiality
  13. Control and Self-control

In this way Zarcam became the sixth Logistics Operator in Argentina that obtained such an important certificate.


Environment Responsible Care

In November 2011 Zarcam obtained and has kept since then the PCRMA certification (Environment Responsible Care Program’s certification). To keep the certification in force Zarcam undergoes annual audits performed by Argentina Standardization and Certification Institute (IRAM). During the audits more than 160 requirement items included in the Program’s Five Codes are checked and controlled. The average score obtained during the last years exceeds 9 points out of a total of 10. The Environment Responsible Care Program is a reference tool for managing Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Security. This Program is fostered by CIQyP (Chamber of Chemical and Petrochemical Industry) and it is accepted by Chile, Paraguay and Brazil’s Chambers of Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.


ISO 39001:2012

In December 2015, Zarcam got the Road Safety Management System Certification. This standard demands the implementation of a series of requirements to be observed by our Company so as to prove we work meeting strict road safety standards.
By implementing ISO 39001 Standard we commit ourselves to increasing the road safety standards we observe, understanding the preservation of human life is our main objective